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1. Quick delivery with short leading time.
The maximum leading time from ordering to delivery is 15 days. If the customer can provide an ordering plan in advance, we can supply from our stock.
2. Reasonable and competitive price to save your cost, improve your quality and competitive power.
3. Stable and reliable quality. The products are tested and filtered strictly in accordance with the pre-determined sample parameters.
We can customize SCR products for you according to your specifications instead of the general technical standards, so as to ensure the reliable applicability of each batch of the products.
4. Satisfactory technical service and support.
In the design stage, we shall provide a special SCR form and a customized prototype according to your specifications, and analyze the possible problems and solutions for product application.
For batch supplied products, we’ll keep a detailed supplying record so as to ensure the consistency of successive batches.
5. Advanced production facilities
ESEC-2007 Automatic Die Attach System from Swiss is used, so as to ensure the reliability of the loading of chips on the framework, and ensure that the thermal

resistance complies with the standard, avoiding bubbles and inconsistency caused by artificial loading.
Swiss ESEC-31 and Hong Kong ASM-138 automatic bonders are used to ensure the reliable bonding and Ohmic connection of the aluminum wires.
The whole production process complies with environmental protection requirements, and has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system and SGS lead-free certifications.

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